Why Athlete Travel

As your outsourced travel partner, we move travel from a challenging and time-consuming drain on your time into a profitable, fun, and seamless process. 

Here are a few key reasons to consider working with us…

  1. Mission & Leadership Alignment – Meeting your Goals & Needs.
  2. Best In Class Technology – Automation, Real-Time Data, Inventory & Full Transparency.
  3. Best In Class Process & Customer Service – Maximum 1-Day Customer Response Time, Most Questions Answered within 2 hours.
  4. Dedicated Staffing Support – Best-of-Class Support Before & During Your Events.
  5. Best In Class Financial Terms – Faster Payments. Maximize Compliance With Flexible Options Including AirBNB & VRBO Properties.

Ultimately, we provide a very unique and transparent process allowing a true partnership.


Metrics and KPI’s (key performance indicators) are a big part of how we provide our best-in-class service at Athlete Travel. 

Some of the KPI’s that we monitor carefully to ensure best results include:

Reservations Per Travel Team

  • On average, we achieve 10 reservations per travel team

Maximize Revenue

  • We typically achieve 30% more room nights due to compliance monitoring

What’s Measured Improves.

Peter Drucker

Maximize Team Experience

  • On average, 95% of teams set up blocks without assistance 
  • Historically, we have saved up to 24% over normal booking charges
  • We currently have a 99% reservation satisfaction score


  • 95% CSAT Score
  • 95% one-touch tickets
  • Avg. 2 hour response time  


In partnership with us, we can also offer our expertise on the tourism grant process. During the RFP/Sight Selection process, we can assess the eligible host municipalities and the potential tourism grant opportunities available, respectively. Maximizing these opportunities can greatly contribute to a financially successful event. 

Our services include:

  •  Identifying potential tourism grants
  • Strategizing grant application response and maximizing opportunities
  • Verifying hotels within the grant zone
  • Following through on grant requirements
  • Quantifying and reporting fulfillment of grant requirements
  • Providing post-event reports
  • Securing grant payment

Over $2,000,000

in tourism grants secured for our major national clients.


Our latest offering tailored specifically for youth sports teams engaged in conference play and travel – ensuring seamless travel experiences every step of the way for your hotel reservations and needs. Let our expertise navigate you through the intricacies of youth sports conference travel.